Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog and Crafters Website Marketing and Promotion

Hi Y'all.  I ran across a new website that I hope makes it big.  It's called On The Craft Table.  It's a crafters auction site.  It boasts free listing and free stores and the final value fees are much lower than eBay.  I wish them lots of success.

Speaking of success,  whether you are just starting a blog or your are an old pro,  Blogging Basics 101  is an excellent site to help you build, improve and promote you blog.  It's a very informative and helpful site.  

If you need help getting your crafters website off the ground, visit me at Primitive Promotions
where you'll find tons of free information and DIY resources to market your website.  We also offer budget friendly plans to do the work for you.   Either way, come on by and take advantage of the website marketing information you'll find there.

Til next time....God Bless,


Melanie Nelson said...


Thanks for letting people know about Blogging Basics 101! I appreciate it.


Wood n' Whimsy said...

You are welcome. It's a great site.