Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall festivals, Free Doll and Wreath patterns

Hi y'all!  I just love the crisp cool autumn mornings, don't you?  I am working hard to get ready for 2 craft fairs this weekend.  Yep, you heard me right.  I'm actually  nuts enough to have a booth at 2 fall festivals this weekend!  Certifiable.  Wood n' Whimsy (Pam and I)  are going to have a booth at the Lebanon Fall Festival on Saturday and Ripson Bridge Festival on Sunday.  Both of these festivals are in south central Illinois about 30-60 minutes drive from St. Louis.  They are both awesome and we look forward to these two craft fairs more than all the rest!  Maybe we'll see you there!  This weekend promises to be sunny and in the low 70's,  so what better weather for taking a drive and enjoying the sites?
I also wanted to tell all you crafters about a great new blog called Prim Friends Network.  It's a great place to list, display your wares and connect with other crafters and potential customers.  Go on by and tell Shari hello and let her know what a great job she's doing with Prim Friends Network.

I came across this cute Little Prim Lady doll at Lillie Mae's Crafts   Go on over there and download this and many more free pattern for yourself!

FREE birdhouse wreath Pattern.
Materials Needed:

Wood Birdhouse
Wreath Mod Podge,
Mat Finish
1/8 yd. Fabric
Assorted Brushes
Curly Raffia (Colors to Co-ordinate with Fabric)
Glue Gun
Barnwood Crackle
Masking Tape
Ceramcoat Paints,
Small Sharp Scissors
3 1/2 yds. Cording
Wreath Hanger

1. Sand wreath to take off rough edges, dust off wreath with a large soft brush or tack cloth.

2. Basecoat fence front and edges with 2 coats of burnt umber. Let dry thoroughly.

3. Mask off edges of birdhouses that come in contact with fence areas to prevent barnwood crackle from overlapping onto edges or roofs of birdhouses.

4. Apply one generous coat of barnwood crackle to front and edges of fence, allow to dry according to package directions.

5. Using a flat brush, apply ivory paint to fence portions in vertical strokes. Allow to dry.

6. Remove masking tape and touch up any areas you missed with a small round brush.

7. Paint the roofs and edges of birdhouses using a color thatcoordinates with your fabric. Apply two coats.

8. Use pattern piece to cut out fabric. Make sure you line up the pattern pieces in the same direction for all birdhouse fronts. Transfer the 2 marks onto fabric. Cut small slits into fabric at marks. Place fabric piece over perch on birdhouse. Line up fabric, mark any overhanging edges with a pencil and trim excess

.9. Apply 1 medium coat of mod podge to front of birhouse, place fabric onto front of birdhouse and using a small scrap of cardboard smooth fabric in place. Cut X through center hole, place a smalll amount of mod podge around inside of hole and press in the triangular pieces.

10. Cut six 3/4” x 3” pieces of fabric. Fold in half lengthwise, tack in place with a few drops of hot glue. Insert fabric pieces intobirdholes, adjust so they are even with front of birdhouse. Tack in place with hot glue.

11. Cut a length of cording long enough to fit around outside edge of birdhouse. Starting at the peak of birdhouse, attach cording with hot glue,following the edge of birdhouse.Repeat for all houses.

12. Using curly raffia, tie a simple bow and attach to bottom of wreath with hot glue. Attach wreath hanger on back of wreath if desired.

Please let me know in a comment what type of craft patterns, recipes and resource info you would like me to post about.  I'd also love to hear from you if you have a free pattern or craft you would like to share with us so plese  Email me and I'll post about it with a link to your site.  Do you have marketing ideas or advice?  We want to know!  

Til next time.....God Bless,