Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Promoting your website or blog.

I know it's hard to get new blogs and websites going and keeping them going. The name of the game is driving traffic to your site. You won't have readers or customers if you don't have traffic and plenty of it! It's not enough to just build a website or blog and expect anyone to find it. You have to promote, promote, promote to get a following. There are several ways to go about this. You can spend tons of money on pay per click advertising. Most of us do not have the advertising budget for this kind of marketing, so here are some other options.

First of all, it takes time, so don't get discouraged. It also takes effort on your part. Eventually you get out of it what you put into it. There are all sorts of free and inexpensive ways to get the word out about your website.

If you have a website, you should blog about it. Blogging has become a very effective way to get the word out about what you do and where your customers can find you. You should also find several blogs that are popular and relevant to what you do. Read them and comment often. Make sure that your comments are intelligent and relevant to the blog. Each comment creates a link back to your blog or site.

Join forums. Again make sure the types of topics discussed run along the same line as your business or blog. Intelligent comments not only create interest, but a link back to your site.

Join Top Sites. Their are tons of Top Site Lists out there. Find some good ones and join them. Top Sites are lists of websites usually in a specific category or categories such as
Crafter's Top Sites or Sassy 100 Boutiques. You must follow through and vote for your site daily to get and stay on top, but it's a good way to get free targeted traffic to your site.

Add your site to free plug boards. There are many, many free plug boards out there. Find popular websites that are similar to yours and ask them to trade links with you. You add a link to their site to your site and they add you to theirs.

Traffic and Banner exchanges such as Free Banner Exchange and TCH Traffic Exchange.

There are also many sites out there that offer inexpensive banner ad space. For about $2.00 to $10.00 a month your banner can be on their homepage for all their customers to see and link back to. Make sure that you pick and choose your ad space wisely. Be sure you choose site that get a good flow of traffic and attracts the kind of people that could be your customers. It just wouldn't make sense to pay to advertise on a crafter's marketplace website if you are selling industrial janitorial supplies, so use common sense there.

The trick to all of this is persistance. It takes work and it takes time, but you can draw the right kind of traffic to your website without having a huge budget.

Primitive Promotions is a crafter's free marketing website with tons of top site lists directories, plug board directories and resource materials to help you get your site noticed. I encourage you to go to Primitive Promotions there. website and take advantage of all of the information available

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Hi everyone, I am back! I haven't been blogging much lately, but I am going to remedy that. Here are some great free cross stitching patterns. There is a site called The Cross Stitchers Club. They have lots of free cross stitch patterns. Most of them are pretty advanced, but they have daily pattern freebies and you can earn credits to get more freebies.

I have a free pattern for you from Twigs N' Sprigs. Here it is:

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Snow Stitchery

Pattern Directions

Twigs Gathering List:

1 yd Muslin


Small Black Beads

DMC Floss

#838 Very Dark Beige Brown

#902 Very Dark Garnet

#613 Very Light Drab Brown

#823 Dark Navy Blue

#310 Black

#400 Dark Mahogany

#729 Medium Old Gold

Mark B Gone Pen

Tea, Coffee or Vanilla

Deco-Art Americana Paint

Antique Gold DA9

Deep Midnight Blue DA166

Buttermilk DA3

Cranberry Wine DA112

Terra Cotta DA62



Paint Brushes


Muslin: Cut 2 layers of muslin 16 x 10 inches. I happen to like to stitch through 2 layers of
muslin, you may wish to use Warm & Natural, or flannel or a layer of felt, to give it that
extra layer to where you don't have your stitchin showing through.


Trace pattern onto top layer of muslin, using a mark b gone pen.


I use 2 strands of Dmc floss for all my stitchin'.

*NOTE: if you are going to be dry bushing your stitchery to be colored in, stitch detailed
items such as eyes, noses, plaids on dresses, stars on flags, & words on dresses after
you have painted that specific area.

Twig Arms: Backstitch with Dmc floss #838 Very Dark Beige Brown

X's on Stripes of Flag & Scarf: Backstitch scarf, x stitch flag with Dmc floss #902 Very
Dark Garnet

Snowflakes, Snowman Body, 1776 on square of Flag: Backstitch with Dmc floss #613 Very
Light Drab Brown

Words Give me Liberty or give me snow & Blue section of Flag: Backstitch Dmc floss #823
Dark Navy Blue

Eyes, Eyebrows & Mouth: Cross stitch mouth, french knot eyes with Dmc floss #310 Black

Nose: Satin stitch nose with Dmc floss #400 Dark Mahogany

Stars & Bell: Backstitch with Dmc floss #729 Medium Old Gold

Bead Eyes: Stitch Beads for eyes with matchingthread. if you decide not to do french knots.


Dye fabric by using tea, coffee or vanilla. Dunk stitchery into dye & lay flat to dry.


If you choose to color in your stitchery do the following.

Using a dry-brush method as listed in Twig-Niques,

paint the following.

Star & Bell: Dry brush with Antique Gold DA9

Blue Section of Flag: Dry brush with Deep Midnight Blue DA166

Snowman: Dry brush with Buttermilk DA3

Scarf & Red stripes on Flag: Dry brush with Cranberry Wine DA112

Nose: If you choose to not satin stitch nose Dry brush with Terra Cotta DA62

Now you are ready to either sew your stitchery into a pillow, wall hanging or frame in a
picture frame.

Go to for this pattern.

Thanks Twigs n' Sprigs for sharing with us! Thanks to as well.

Until next time...God Bless,


Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends! I wish you a wonderful and blessed Christmas. I would love for you to share with us your Christmas plans and celebrations in the comments. It's fun to see what others are doing to celebrate. I hope you all laugh too much, eat too much, play too much this holiday season. Remember to slow down, take deep breaths and enjoy this time of year. When you start to feel stressed out, just remind yourself that it's not about the hustle and bustle or the gifts you have to buy. It's about the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
God Bless,